Volume 25 Issue 1
Jan.  2023
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REN Haiming. The Aesthetic Expression of Chinese Image in Jewelry Art Design——Taking Dunhuang Fly Apsaras as An Example[J]. Journal of Gems & Gemmology , 2023, 25(1): 66-71. doi: 10.15964/j.cnki.027jgg.2023.01.009
Citation: REN Haiming. The Aesthetic Expression of Chinese Image in Jewelry Art Design——Taking Dunhuang Fly Apsaras as An Example[J]. Journal of Gems & Gemmology , 2023, 25(1): 66-71. doi: 10.15964/j.cnki.027jgg.2023.01.009

The Aesthetic Expression of Chinese Image in Jewelry Art Design——Taking Dunhuang Fly Apsaras as An Example

doi: 10.15964/j.cnki.027jgg.2023.01.009
  • Received Date: 2022-06-24
  • Publish Date: 2023-01-31
  • Chinese image aesthetics boasts a long history, in which Chinese painting, calligraphy and poetry are especially time-honored. It strives to convey the implication beyond the finite description, which differentiates Chinese aesthetics from the western aesthetics. Thus, this characteristic of Chinese image aesthetics is the point that needs to pay attention to that would realize the art design that inherit and promote Chinese culture in the true sense. Therefore, taking Chinese image aesthetics as the theoretical basis, starting from the unique form, overall form, material and colour of jewelry art, this paper summarizes and puts forward universal design ideas based on the analysis of typical work cases: abstract in form shaping, white space in formal expression, material selection and elegant unity of oriental meaning, so as to arouse the viewer's aesthetic association with jewelry works, obtain aesthetic pleasure, and to explore a unique new path for the development of contemporary Chinese jewelry art. For practice, The author designed the jewelry Fly Apsaras Dancing with Dunhuang Fly Apsaras as the inspiration element, which shows the ethereal and flexible image beauty of the Fly Apsaras from the aspects of jewelry shape shaping, form expression, material selection and colour matching.
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